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Who and what is Buicks.net?

Hi! I am your webmaster, Robert (Bob) Cull. After a life long love with automotives, I fell in love with Buicks about 1988. When the Internet came to life, I wanted to rally a bunch of Buick enthusiasts. I started with "Bob's Buicks", but was not pleased with the focused nature of the site, especially as my interests widened! With the creation of Buicks.net, a lot of enthusiasts have rallied around the site. Many are very knowledgeable. Some are employed in Buick related jobs. Myself, I am not a computer whizzz... I just play at it, much like I play with Buicks in my shop. I am an overworked heavy equipment operator working in construction and the logging industries.

In 2005, the interactive section of Buicks.net was moved to TeamBuick.com. This has allowed the use of a much improved design for visitors. Buicks.net is currently being maintained as the "reference" area.

Buicks.net and Teambuick is more than myself, the site depends on the contributions of its associates who monitor the web board, helping other Buick enthusiasts. Moderators and visitors contribute information about Buicks which is compiled into web pages which are then offered for free. It would be nice if the resources on these sites stay free. The sites costs money, so to keep it "free" visitors and users must donate and purchase through site affiliate programs!

Our Official Sponsor is ????.Whoops, we don't have a sponsor yet!!! Is this your opportunity?

Please contact us if you are interested in supporting this site. What years are covered here?
The early years, 50's, 60's, 70's. We will add more decades as demand warrants. We have not covered the newer generation cars to much, as we are still lost in the past. Oh Happy Days!

What are the plans for this site?
Well, we like to provide information and stats to help restore and maintain these classics. To this end we have a fair bit of interactivity with the free ads, tech talk forum, show and shine, rides program and more. We hope to have something changing every day on this site.

Emailing us:
Please note: Tech questions will be referred to the "Team Buick" area and requests for parts will be directed to our "Team Buick" classifieds.

Can I take part?
Sure! Interactive discussion is available in Buick Tech.
We also welcome contributions of articles, reference information and images. Original work is the only acceptable information as we respect copyrights. We will credit you with any information or articles you provide - remember, we are all hobbyists here working towards a common goal.

Who do I contact?
Technical problems should be reported to:webmaster

The Plan
We hope to provide information and resources for Buick owners and enthusiasts to maintain, restore, or improve the performance of their Buick. This site is intended to be a FREE resource so please treat it as such. If you find errors, please report them!

Want to link to this site?!?!
Please do! We appreciate all the support we can get and links do support. If you would like to link with an image style try this code.

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