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Find RPM

MPH:  Transmission Ratio:
 Axle Ratio:   Tire Diameter:

Find New Gear Ratio With New Tire Size

New Tire Diameter:   

Old Tire Diameter:   
Current Gear Ratio: New Gear Ratio:
Changed gears or tires? This calculator can help...

Find MPH

RPM:   Tire Diameter:
  Axle Ratio:
Transmission Ratio:  

Convert P-Metric Tire To Tire Diameter Inches

Example: 195/75R15
/   R
Tire Diameter:
Wondering how far out your speedo will be after the tire size change?

Speedo Converter

Original Tire Diameter:   

New Tire Diameter:   
Speedometer Reading (MPH): Corrected MPH:
Now your read to burn some rubber, CLICK HERE for our 1/4 mile h.p. calculator!