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1978 Buick LeSabre custom

1978 Buick LeSabre. 301 V8 (4.9L) pumping out a whopping 135 HP. Sweet 70's styling including white landau roof, faux wood interior trim, and really crappy original AM/FM radio! This car has been my daily driver for 2 years now, I bought it from the original owner in 2001 with 55,000 original miles. Last winter this car started right up on a day when it was 30 below zero, and the car was parked outside overnight! My neighbor's 2001 Honda Civic wouldn't start though....

This car is a wonderful highway cruiser, smooth and quiet across the whole powerband. She's hard on the wallet at the pump (15 MPG, if you're lucky) but the cost is recovered in the insurance savings!

Remember when cars had ACTUAL chrome trim on them instead of crappy stickers?

I've never been worried for my own safety driving this car. Being surrounded by 2 tons of steel has a certain security-blanket feel to it...

This car is for sale! Too many cars in the garage...Click on the link to see the ad, or e-mail me for more information.

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