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1953 Buick Super (Riviera 2-door hardtop)

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This would be my 1953 Buick Super, a 3-holer, the model 56R. It's a 20-footer, as they say, a car best viewed from twenty feet away. Lots of little dings here and there, but runs just fine. It's a driver, not something you just plop a lawn chair next to and only look at.

The Super was Buick's middle model, between the basic Straight-8 Special and the luxurious 4-holer Roadmaster. The Skylark convertible was the top end of the 53 Buick line and one of the all-time great 50's classic collectors. Few were built and fewer remain. (Yes, I have a bad case of Skylark Envy, but it ain't gonna happen.)

My car is the same vintage as its owner, but with a lot more restoration.

1953 was Buick's 50th anniversary, and their first year with a V8 engine. My car was restored about ten years ago by the previous owner, who did a few things that might offend the purist or the judge, but not me. Heck, I like the velour seats and the metallic paint and the $2000 stereo.

My next chores will be to put in seat belts and radial tires, and if the price is right, new chrome portholes to replace the rusty ones. Buick made those portholes in such a way and mounting angle that causes water to pool in them. (I'm drilling drain holes in the next set.) It would also be nice to once-and-for-all banish the lingering nasal impact of the mice that once set up shop in this car. (I've tried everything, folks...any suggestions?)

Happy Motoring!

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