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Neils1972 Buick Centurion convertible. html.

I have owned and driven many miles on this 1972 Centurion since 1987.It has the 455 motor to which I have taken some liberties to increase performance. In 1987 I decided that I neede to search for the parade boot which did not come with my car when I bought it. For the heck of it I first went to my local Buick dealers parts dept. The man there said that the boots were no longer available from the manufacturer. I talked hin into trying anyway and walla what do you know but one set was left in Flint. I didn't even question what the price was and ordered it. But it didn't come with it's mounting hardware. I've been searching since for those clips but have jury rigged a temporary setup as to drive this car without a boot isn't done.

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