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1967 Buick Riviera

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My new pride and joy! This is the 3rd 1967 Riviera in my life and by far the nicest.

I found this car on one of the auction sites out there about 2 months ago. It looked exactly like the 1st car I ever owned. The bid was not going as high as I've seen them before so I thought I'd put a bid in on the car of my dreams. I don't have a lot of money but my bid stood for the whole week until the last second. I want to say to all those people that sit until the last second to bid I know you don't care because its business to you but, you sure do know how to hurt a guy and crush his dreams. As you may have guessed this has happened to me before and happened again this time. I sent the owner an e-mail telling him if the high bidder backed out I would still honor my highest bid with cash. It turns out the e-mail address is a third party Internet car salesman and he said the car was still available but the owner wanted the big bucks. Well, I stewed and pouted for a few days and one night when I was just getting ready to delete the pictures of the car of my dreams off my screen saver I noticed something very small in one of the pictures. The For Sale sign in the window of the car had a phone number on it, now I knew the car was in the Seattle area so I tried attaching every Seattle area code with the number and low and behold, I called one of the area codes with the number and a very nice lady answered and I asked, you wouldn't have a 67 Riviera for sale would you? She said that would be my husband I'll let you talk to him.

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