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1967 GS 400 Convertible

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This is my 1967 GS 400 convertible. I have owned it for about a year and just had it painted. It is fairly original, but is not a #s matching car. It does have the correct code 400 engine, but does not have the original transmission. It is a 4sp with power steering and power disc brakes.

It was originally a 3sp manual, only 9 '67 GS convertibles were ever made with this transmission! Even stranger is the fact that the 3sp that it came with was a Ford

I had a '67 Olds 442 in highschool and was looking for another when I found this car. I must admit is a much better looking car than the Olds! My wife wanted a convertible and I wanted a muscle car, so this satisfied us both. We love it!

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