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1949 Buick Roadmaster Street Rod....The High Street Shelter

- Visit me at my rockin' blues band website.....High Street Shelter -
Heres she is, my latest toy. A hotrodded 1949 Roadmaster. Paint is about 10 years old with 4 coats of clear on a frame off restoration. She still looks beautiful, although there are a few chips, afterall, she's regularly driven in the summer time.

I do love the way these cars seem to growl at you!! Hard to see in this pic, but the hood has 120 louvres stamped in. I have a second hood, same paint job, but without the louvres.

Middle Age Crazy is right!

Mauve velour throughout, aftermarket gauges, and a B&M ratcheting shifter for the TH400 tranny.

Chevy 454 powerhouse mounted on a Nova subframe. 12000 miles since total rebuild as of May 2004.

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