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ROELI'S RIVIERA'S more picts , 1969 Buick Riviera *made by John.D.*

- riviera owner association - my boattail -
my Riviera's on the parking at home in the Netherlands [europe].*PICTURES MADE BY ; J. DEKKER* Email:

with the orginal rally rims and new bridgestone's whitewall tyres 235-70-15

from 5-2000 i'm a ROA member ROA#8301,

I'M REALY A VERY PROUD OWNER! see picts of my 72 buick Riviera, go to top and klik on my boattail...

the engine compartment the engine is the orginal 430ci [7L] with 360HP and is rebuilt, alot of parts cleaned sandblast and painted again this car runs like new! THIS 69 RIVIERA NEW OWNER ; Martin

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