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1964 Electra 225

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Thanks Bro For the Big Ass Buick!!

This '64 deuce & a quarter still has the original 401 four barrel motor with a T400 transmission, tilt wheel, AC, cornering lights, remote mirror, power steering, brakes, windows, seat and antenna. It also has had a new vinyl roof and new weatherstrips installed. My brother got the car from the grandson of the original owner and it came with a stack of service recipts going back over 30 years. The cigarrete lighters have never even been used!! Having spent it's time here in inland southern California has preserved this car well. The interior upholstery has been slightly customized. Check out the videos to see the cool headliner fabric!

This car will be my new single-dad-family-cruiser. Why should I settle for just baseball dad status when the trunk is big enough for all three kids when they get unrully? This definetly is a cool cruiser and gets lots of thumbs up. If all goes well this will double as a nice tuna fishin' vessel. The garage would accomodate her, but I'm not ready to ditch the pool table just yet. It will, however, look real nice covering up those old oil stains from that oversized, gas gulping, Chevrolet Canyon Arroesque Suburban thing I own.

This is America, so everything is for sale. I hear you can buy a thirld world country for a couple of billion dollars--(just ask G-Bush) so it might be nice to have something big enough to house the population in.

If you'd like it, want to buy it, or you're cute and wanna snuggle up in the back seat and apply for that nanny position, just send me an email I'll let this baby go for the small price of $4500.

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