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1964 Buick Riviera
Tom Telesco's 1964 Riviera
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Hello everyone, I am the proud owner of a '64 RIVIERA. The car now has over 300,000 miles on it and runs today as it did over 35 years ago. I have been on the HOT ROD MAGIZINE EAST COAST POWER CRUISE in '98, from southern CT. to Fort Devins, Mass. and proceded to be a long hauler by going all the way to St. Petersburg, Florida. On the way GREY BASKERVILLE asked me for a ride of about 3 hrs. in my car and was amazed at the condition for the mileage, and being a northern car all it's life. I attended the ROA regional meet in Penn. in '97. I drove to Bowling Green, Kentucy in 2000 to attend the GSCA Nationals, not intending to race, but did. I also attended the buick performance week-end in Cecil County, Maryland, just to see what my 60 foot times would be, as they didn't have 60 foot times 30+ years ago and ended up trying it 18 times and making it to the semi-finals out of 22 cars. Pictures of my car past and present can be seen on my friend's website. I have also designed a mini-starter for the nailhead engine and am in the process of developing roller tip rocker arms for the same engine. I am involved with the fastest street drivable, normally aspirated nailhead GS in the country, 11.64 @ 115.83 MPH. You can read about this on the gs website www.ne-gsca.com

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