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1979 Turbo Regal, Nascar Replica
Steve Bertone's 1979 Turbo Regal, Nascar Replica
1979 Turbo Regal, Nascar Replica
I've built this car three times and purchased it in 1980 when it was a stock turbo Regal. It had been totalled. I repaired it back to stock and drove it for a while, at the time I had a custom car business. One of my customers had to have it around 1982. He then wanted it modified to look like a Winston Cup car. I did some minor things like wider tires and lowering and painted like Dale Earnharts car at the time. My customer proceeded to run it off the road at over 100 mph and totalled it again. I purchased the car back, built a new frame and recustomized as you see it now. You can read the spec sheet to see all that has been done to it. Mostly it sits in the warehouse. Occasionally I take it to road course track events. Or, being street legal, go terrorize the locals. It was designed to do 200 mph.
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  • Street Legal
  • Hand Formed All Steel Body (roof and trunk not modified)
  • State of the Art Insulation, Cool Quiet Interior
  • Electric Doors and Windows
  • Two Corbeau Race Seats w/Four Point Race Harnesses
  • Dashboard Outfitted w/Stewart Warner Mechanical Race Gauges
  • All Glass & Weatherstripping Replaced
  • Rear Seat is Factory for Passengers (for a ride they will never forget)
  • Converted to V-8 w/Aluminum Head Chevy Race Motor (Dyno tested at 480 h.p., tuned to run on pump gas
  • Converted to 4 Speed Stick Shift
  • Borg Warner Super T-10 Transmission
  • Lakewood Blow Proof Bellhousing
  • Rear End changed to GM 12 Bolt
  • 373 Gears Mounted to 4-Link Adjustable Suspension
  • Dual Shock Front Suspension
  • Nascar Springs
  • Dropped Spindles
  • Race Swaybar
  • Converted to Corvette Power Rac and Pinion Steering
  • Wheel Base Stretched for High Speed Stability
  • Frame X Braced w/Drive Shaft Loop Incorporated
  • Nascar Front Frame Snout Installed to Provide Rigidity and Safety
  • Four Corner Racing Brakes w/13 Inch Vented Rotors
  • Six Piston Front Calipers
  • Four Piston Rear Calipers
  • Air Craft Hoses and Dual Master Cylinders
  • 22 Gallon Fuel Cell (fabricated in the trunk area, fed to the engine thru inch aircraft hose)

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