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1953 Buick
Larry Jordon's 1953

I bought the Buick in Dec 00, took body off frame and put a '84 Cad. frame under it. Now I have power steering and up to date steering & ride. Put a Olds 350 engine in it attached to Cad 200 r4 transmission. Dad and I are still working on it-so yet to put it on the road. We are now working on rewiring and inside. Put Infinity buckets inside and it really is looking sharp. We have done all work, so have spent no money for labor. Painted it Schale green (Chrys.)PPG. Hope to have it finished in about 30 days. We are real proud of work that we have as this is our first one. I will be driving it daily to school, so you know how I must feel.

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