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53-54 Jordan Gray
53-59 Tyler Blue Poly.
53-60 Ridge Green
53-61 Osage Cream
53-57 Shell Gray
53-62 Matador Red
53-79 Balsom Green Poly.
53-74 Majestic White
53-73 Tal Blue Poly.
53-70 Mandarin Red Poly.
53-83 Pinehurst Green Poly.
53-77 Reef Blue Poly.
53-52 Verde Green Poly.
53-53 Imperial Blue Poly.
53-55 Victoria Maroon Poly.
53-56 Seamist Gray Poly.
53-51 Carlsbad Black
53-58 Terrace Green Sympho.
           1953 Interior Colors - (Ditzler numbers)
Upper Instrument Panel
DAL-9100 Carlsbad Black
DL-41162 Verde Green Poly.
DL-10614 Duchess Blue Poly.
Lower Instrument Panel
DL-70349 Apache Red
DL-10845 Persian Blue Poly.
DL-30949 Pertrol Gray Poly.
DL-41144 Light Green Poly.
DL-20348 Beige Poly.
DL-41349 Light Green Poly.

NOTE: Steering column mast jacket, shift lever housing, direction signal switch housing, antenna excutcheon plate and ash tray apinted to match upper instrument panel color.

Interior color numbers were very hard to read and will have mistakes!!!

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