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The below instructions are as specified in the '57 dealers trim selection book:


Order paint color by specifing 2 code letters, the first for the section above the sweepspear and the second for below the sweepspear. Example: XA would be Sylvan Grey above the sweepspear and Carlsbad Black below the sweepspear.

Order upper two-tone colors, available only for the 50 and 70 series Rivieras, by specifing the code letter for the roof in the space for "top color" and specifing the code for the intermediate section in the sections marked upper color and lower section marked in the lower color. Example: CNN would be Dover White roof,Garnet Red intermidiate section and Garnet Red below the sweepspear.

Convertible top codes are expressed as a number where the top color code is entered.Example:3CC is White convertible top with Dover White over Dover White.


   Alphabet code letters designate colors which are available for solid or two-tone color combinations. The first letter designates the upper color and the second leter designates the color below the sweep spear molding.
   Example: Combination AC would be top and center - Black, and below the sweep spear molding - Dover White.

NOTE: Buick V-8 hampden Blue Motor Enamel is not available in the field. Satisfactory over-all refinishing of motor blocks may be accomplished by using a relatively close available Refinish DULUX match to Hampden Blue, such as 93-55911, 93-57287, 93-71782.

Color code numbers appear on a plate on the right side portion fo the firewall under the hood

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57-C Dover White
57-B Castle Gray *
57-M Seminole Red
57-R Antique Ivory
57-P Shell Beige
57-E Biscay Blue Metallic
57-K Mint Green
57-G Dresden Blue
57-J Belmont Green
57-L Jade Green Metallic
57-H Kearney Green *
57-N Garnet Red Metallic
57-D Starlight Blue Metallic
57-T Dawn Gray
Another mess!

1957 Buick Spring Colors
57-X Sylvan Gray Metallic
57-S Arctic Blue
57-U Gulf Green Metallic
57-W Hunter Green *
57-F Mariner Blue *
57-Y Dusk Rose
44 Carlsbad Black WL-848
1869 Malibu Blue WL-1765
2259-H Seminole Red WL-1609
2525 Silver Metallic WLH-2338

contibuted by: Dave Martine

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