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Copy Cat

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This is my 65 Wildcat sedan. I am re-creating an authentic looking period correct trooper's squad car. If you have any information on or pictures of these cars in police uniform then I would sure like to hear from you.

Here is the "Pull-It-Over" shot. When I am cruising down the interstate, a lot of people politely move over when they see this in their rear view mirror. Most of them even use the turn signal first and then slow way down, that is until they realize that it is really not a highway patrol car. There is a working vintage siren mounted behind the grille. I can only run the roof mounted Beacon Ray and/or that siren when I am sitting in cruise night and car show parking lots, for I have been warned by several real lawmen that turning them on while on any roadway is a big fat no-no.

I have yet to find any images of one of these cars all decked-out from back in the day, so I have held off on putting any graphics on the doors. Unless I can find something to go by soon, I may just do something like "TRI-SHEILD SECURITY" with a large Buick logo on magnetic vinyl panels.

Comming soon...spotlights and the "whip" antenna!

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