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Under The Hood At The Buick Shop

Come on into The Buick Shop!

Lights on,
 but knowbody is home! This is an informal area for information relating to restoring Buicks. This 'shop' is open for use by all and includes many features to help your restoration.
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Free Programs

These excellent utilities from the Team Chevelle web site will help with your project.

New Shop Hints

  • When you are doing your wiring, put everything through a relay controlled by a switch at the door. All lights go out, compressor shuts down, the plug your stereo plugs to go dead. It's nice to know you didn't forget to shut of your compressor.
  • In case you ever want to paint in your shop, put at least a 12" pipe from the center of your paint area to the outside of your shop where you plan on mounting your exhaust fan. This way instead of drawing the air across you shop or..? you will pull the air down around and under the car. It will make for better flow and a cleaner environment.

Tool Talk

Respirator Required Beyond This Point

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