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    Tech Reference with Wes Vann

    9/15/99; This section of the site sharesstuff with it's sister site, Team Chevelle. As a result, the pages are in a "frames" format so that I don't have to retype everythingwhen errors are found. (saves me a lot of time!)

    A big disclaimer;

    The object of this section is to post items that are based on a "beenthere, done that" philosophy. However, nothing can be perfect!! Pleasekeep this in mind as you read the following sections. I'll try to verifyall that I can, but we just come back to "perfect" thing again.If you find any errors, please feel free to e-mail me.

    The pages are made primarily with a Chevelle inmind (sorry), and are added as they may apply to the Buick "A "body cars or G.M.'s in general.

    Another point that should be stated is that I'm not going to go intothe older Buicks just due to the fact that I don't know them. For the record,I currently own a 64 Chevelle 2 door wagon. I've also owned a 69 Camaro.I'm 47 (as of today), and have played with cars most of my years. Wes.Vann

    Reference Series

    Reference Links

      These links are to web pages that I think are very informative and well constructed. (In other words, I couldn't do a better job!) They are "off site" and in order to return, you will have to use your "back button"!

      • Heidt's Hot Rod shop has a web site for their products. They make suspension set-ups for street rods and recently have started making a "mustang II" suspension for Nova's. Now, none of us Chevelle guys (an girls) will be running a mustang II set-up (it would be OK to own a Nova), but there is a VERY informative page on front suspension geometry. Click Here. Please note that the link will send you directly to the info page. Their whole web site is nice and if you are interested in street rods, you should check it out! Their main site can be entered by clicking here.
      • Andreas Carlsson has a nice site and a section within it does a excellent job of breaking down VIN numbers. You can go directly to the section by clicking here. You can go to his chevelle page (part of his total web site) page by clicking here.
      • Mike Pell has a really neat page that goes into how he made the "Mike Pell Auto Body Rotisserie" for his car. Click here for his main index page. Due to legal stuff, I have to add that you should be careful and use your head when working with anything heaver than 16 oz.
      • Jeff Klemens is doing a complete frame-off restoration and his site is full of excellent photos (that are arranged in fast down-loading thumb nails) and diary type entries in regards to the work being done. If you think that a frame-off job is easy, then you have to go to this site! I really wish that my garage was as clean as Jeff Klemens or Mike Pells!

    Reference, Tool, and Material Articles originally created by: Wes Vann

Tools and Materials
  • Tools #1Welders(4/12/97)
  • Tools #2 Volt/Ohmmeter
  • Tools #3 Electricalconnections, Crimpers, Soldering irons, Relays (5/13/97)
  • Tools #4 Tubing and Tools (9/28/98)
  • Tools #5 Cool Tools that don't fit anywhere else (5/1/97)
  • Materials #1 Fillers, Primers, Paints, & required tools (4/12/97)